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Youth Registration 2022

  • League: Youth Ball Hockey
  • Season: 2022 Youth Ball Hockey Season
  • Opens: January 18, 2022 at 8:00am PST
  • Closes: May 12, 2022 at 8:59pm PDT
  • Spots remaining: 4



  1. Season Dates: Start date April 10th, End Date June 12th.

  2. No games on holidays.

  3. 9 game season minimum including 2 tournament days.  (Games will only be on Sundays)

  4. 6 practice floor times to work on hockey skills.

  5. Ball Hockey with Heart Tournament will end off our season this year, as the kids love it so we do not want to cut this.  Our weekend long tournament will run the Weekend of June 12, dates are June 11th and 12th.  We will have dates for this by the beginning of the season.

  6. Team Jerseys are yours to keep.

Division Alignment and Details:

Birth Year         Division         Other Information

                                                   Fees          Practice Days

2008/2009     U14 (Minor)     $160         Thursdays 5PM

2010/2011     U12 (Peewee)  $150           Wednesdays  4PM/ Thursdays 4PM

2012/2013       U10 (Pup)        $150           Wednesdays After 4PM

2014/2015      U8 (Peanut)     $150           Tuesdays After 4PM

2016/2017      U6 (Tykes)       $140           Tuesdays After 4PM

If you would like to register your child for the next WRBHL Youth Season please fill of our Registration form through our main registration link.

We are excited to bring you this upcoming season of Minor Ball Hockey!  We hope you and your family have stayed healthy and are enjoying a great new year!  Here is our plan for the upcoming season:

  1. Smaller teams - Each division will have a minimum of 4 teams, however we will be limiting the size of teams to eleven kids.  This is to ensure that practice groups are smaller and your child will be with the same group for the majority of the time.  This format will include ten players and one goalie.

  2. Team Tryouts - Team Tryouts will take place on Sunday April 10th.

  3. Season Curriculum - throughout the 6 practice sessions, coaches will have a set curriculum for the kids to work on their hockey skills.  

  4. Play Format - We will be limiting play on the floor to 5on5 plus a goalie in each net.  Players will not be required to wear masks during play or practices, as they will interfere with their cardio but if you wish your child to wear a mask we will not stop you.  Players will be required to wear their mask when entering the arena.  There will be two referees still conducting the game who will be required to wear masks at all times.  There will be up to two coaches for each team, they will be required to wear masks when dealing with their teams.  League organizers will also be required to wear masks during operations.  Games WILL be allowed and played the entire season.

  5. Outside Associations - Although we normally play a few games outside of our association, we will not be playing any other cities to minimize exposure.  However with the amount of teams we are expecting, we will have lots of variety for teams to play.  All games will be played at our home rink: Centennial Arena.

  6. Covid Protocol - If your child is experiencing any symptoms, even minor ones, or has been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with covid we will be asking you to keep them home from practice or games.  Please follow provincial guidelines.  


We are now officially taking registrations to secure your spot, spots are limited.  Once registered you can either pay with cash, cheque, or E-transfer to our main email address  We will offer payment by credit card but there will be a 3% additional charge for this.



Mandatory Equipment Requirements:

1. CSA Approved Helmet with a full cage

2. Hockey or Lacrosse Gloves (With no guard)

3. Shin Guards (Soccer or Ball Hockey guards)

Recommended Equipment:

1. Sports Cup

2. Hockey Elbow Pads

Uniform Requirements:

1. Jersey must be worn during games

2. Shorts or track pants are recommended to play in

3. Running shoes are recommended to play in

Hockey Stick Requirements:

1. Has to be either wooden, composite, or wooden/composite shaft with a plastic blade

2. Blade of hockey stick must be at least 2 inches in height

3. We recommend a composite stick for durability and performance

4. No aluminum sticks allowed for safety reasons

5. Has to be in good condition (No sharp edges, small blades, heel of stick has worn through, etc)

Mandatory Goalie Requirements:

1. CSA Approved Goalie Mask or CSA Player Helmet with a full cage

2. Road or Hockey Goalie Blocker

3. Road or Hockey Goalie Trapper

4. Road or Hockey Chest Protector

5. Hockey Pants

6. Road or Hockey Pads

7. Sports or Goalie Cup

Although road hockey gear is allowed, with the mask as an exception, we recommend goalie pads that offer full protection during play.  Some road hockey gear can leave some areas of the body unprotected, so when buying goalie equipment make sure that it is covering the majority or all of the body.  


Absolutely you can!  Our program is great for beginners as we focus on having fun and development.


If your child has a group of friends that they often hang out with please let us know and we will try to group them together, however we cannot guarantee they will stay on the same team for the entire season.  We do this to ensure division parity.


Although we cannot guarantee that players can play on the same team the entire season, we are allowing you to pick your preference at registration.  This is great for players who are wanting to start on the same team, friends or siblings etc.


Yes, we've only added a few teams at registration open and will add them as demand is met.  We will include as many as possible this year!