Registration Information

Detailed Registration Information



If you would like to register your child for the next WRBHL Junior Season please fill of our Registration form above. 


Once the next Season has officially begun, that does not mean that it is too late to enroll your child into our program!  You can come tryout ball hockey during one of our practices, please visit our schedule page for more information on the dates that you can come tryout our program.

For any more questions please feel free to contact us at 604.897.4171 or email us at

It has indeed been a long time since I have been able to work on this project, the cancelation of the 2020 season was not something we wanted but ultimately necessary.  We are excited and expecting to be able to operate this upcoming season for Minor Ball Hockey!  We hope you and your family have stayed healthy and are enjoying a great new year!  With that being said, we will be conducting things a little differently this year.  Although Covid seems like it will eventually decline with the vaccines, we want to minimise the risk as much as possible.  Here is our plan for the upcoming season:

  1. Smaller teams - Each division will have a minimum of 4 teams, however we will be limiting the size of teams to ten kids.  This is to ensure that practice groups are smaller and your child will be with the same group for the majority of the time.  This format will include nine players and one goalie.

  2. Play Format - We will be limiting play on the floor to 4on4 plus a goalie in each net.  Players will not be required to wear masks during play or practices, as they will interfere with their cardio but if you wish your child to wear a mask we will not stop you.  Players will be required to wear their mask when entering the arena.  There will be two referees still conducting the game who will be required to wear masks at all times.  There will be up to two coaches for each team, they will be required to wear masks when dealing with their teams.  League organizers will also be required to wear masks during operations.  

  3. Outside Associations - Although we normally play a few games outside of our association, we will not be playing any other cities to minimize exposure.  However with the amount of teams we are expecting, we will have lots of variety for teams to play.  All games will be played at our home rink: Centennial Arena.

  4. Covid Protocol - If your child is experiencing any symptoms, even minor ones, or has been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with covid we will be asking you to keep them home from practice or games.  Please follow provincial guidelines.  Probably did not have to be said but we are required to. A full covid waiver will be required to be signed by you, the parent, before your child's first game.  


Alright onto the fun stuff, here are the 2021 Season Details:


  1. Season Dates (tentative right now)  Start date April 4th, End Date June 27th.

  2. No games on holidays.

  3. 10 game season including 2 playoff games.  (Games will mostly be on Sundays)

  4. 4 practice floor times (Unfortunately we will have to stagger the amount of people in the arena at a time, so we cannot offer more practices at this time.)  We also cut practices in lieu of our Ball Hockey with Heart Tournament.

  5. Ball Hockey with Heart Tournament will happen this year, as the kids love it so we do not want to cut this.  Our weekend long tournament will run in May, dates are TBD.  This will add another 4-6 games to the season.  We will have dates for this by the beginning of the season.

  6. Equipment and Rules:

Division Alignment and Details:


Birth Year         Division         Other Information

                                                   Fees          Practice Days

2005/2006     U16 (Major)     $160           Thursdays  

2007/2008      U14 (Minor)    $150            Thursdays

2009/2010     U12 (Peewee)  $140           Wednesdays  

2011/2012       U10 (Pup)        $140           Wednesdays    

2013/2014      U8 (Peanut)     $140           Tuesdays  

2015/2016      U6 (Tykes)       $140           Tuesdays



All Divisions will need a minimum of 30 kids registered to operate, we may make an exemption for U14s and U16s but will cross that bridge when that happens.  Tykes can operate as low as 15 players registered.  The maximum number of kids will be 40 per division.



We will not be taking any payments until the season is given the final green light from the city, letting us know that the arena will be available to us.  As far as they have told us, there is a high chance Centennial opens its doors this spring.  With that being said we are now officially taking registrations to secure your spot.  If your child has a group of friends that they often hang out with please let us know and we will try to group them together, as they have been in contact with each other anyway.  To register, please go to our website and register.  You will not be required to pay under the reservation tab:

What do I need to play?


Mandatory Equipment Requirements:


1. CSA Approved Helmet with a full cage

2. Hockey or Lacrosse Gloves (With no guard)

3. Shin Guards (Soccer or Ball Hockey guards)


Recommended Equipment:


1. Sports Cup

2. Hockey Elbow Pads


Uniform Requirements:


1. Jersey must be worn during games

2. Shorts or track pants are recommended to play in

3. Running shoes are recommended to play in


Hockey Stick Requirements:


1. Has to be either wooden, composite, or wooden/composite shaft with a plastic blade

2. Blade of hockey stick must be at least 2 inches in height

3. We recommend a composite stick for durability and performance

4. No aluminum sticks allowed for safety reasons

5. Has to be in good condition (No sharp edges, small blades, heel of stick has worn through, etc)


Mandatory Goalie Requirements:


1. CSA Approved Goalie Mask or CSA Player Helmet with a full cage

2. Road or Hockey Goalie Blocker

3. Road or Hockey Goalie Trapper

4. Road or Hockey Chest Protector

5. Hockey Pants

6. Road or Hockey Pads

7. Sports or Goalie Cup


Recommended Goalie Equipment:


Although road hockey gear is allowed, with the mask as an exception, we recommend goalie pads that offer full protection during play.  Some road hockey gear can leave some areas of the body unprotected, so when buying goalie equipment make sure that it is covering the majority or all of the body.  

Adult Team Registration Information:

registration OPEN for 2021


Hey Everyone,


We are excited and hopeful that we will be able to bring you a full season of ball hockey!  The city is expecting to open our home arena starting in the spring for ball hockey.  As long as restrictions loosen up, we should be good to go.  At this time we will be accepting team reservations for the upcoming season!  Please check out the details below:

2021 Shortened Season Format: (All Games to be played at Centennial Arena in White Rock, 14600 North Bluff Road)

• Season runs July 6th - August 6

• No games on Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays

• COVID Protocols in place

• 6 Game Season

• 1 Playoff Game Guaranteed (Single game knockout)

• 6 Team Divisions

• Max 16 players per game including goalie,

• Team roster of 16 players must be submitted along with a spare players pool list of 3 players before season starts. Players need to dress for 2 games to qualify for playoffs.

• Only room for 18 teams this year

• Individual & Team Statistics

• 3 Divisions (A & B & C )

• Non-Contact League (CSA Helmet & Hockey Gloves Mandatory)

• Games are an hour (Two 22 minute periods, 5 minute warm up, 5 minute OT period) Stop Time last two minutes if game is within 1 goal. OT period is tie breaker (3 on 3 - only change on the fly)

• Season Team Cost is $1200

Registration Cost - $1200.00+GST per team.  To reserve your spot, you just need to put down a deposit of $500.00 which will be added to the total cost of the team.  The remainder of the cost must be paid for in cash in person during the captains meeting, date tbd.  Of course if our season is cancelled due to covid restrictions starting up again, your deposit will be refunded.


Please contact Austin if you have any questions at 


You can now pay your Registration Deposit on Paypal.


Season runs July 6th - August 6 - including Playoffs

Game times: Earliest start time will be 6:30PM on Weekdays, Latest start time is 9:30PM.

No Games on Holidays/ Weekends

Season Details

All Games Played at Centennial Arena in South Surrey
( About a half hour drive from Surrey Central )
1-2 Game per week (May play more games per week during playoffs)
6 Guaranteed Regular season games
1 Playoff Game Guaranteed

3 Competitive Divisions

*Below is Not for 2021 Season

Top 4 teams in each division will make playoffs

3 Game Playoff Series for each round

Your team could see up to 20 Games depending on Playoff Performance.

Individual Season Awards given out at the end of Regular Season

Awards given out to each division include Top Point Producer, MVP to their team, Most Sportsmanlike conduct, Playoff MVP, and Goalie MVP.


Games are 2 Periods - 22 minutes each

Stop time last 2 minutes - if game is within 1 goals
3on3 tie breaker OT Period - No changes on the fly are allowed
2 man referee system
All schedule and stats kept online.

Personal and Team Based Stats kept
Game balls are supplied by Each Team

Players must sign in at the beginning of each game for Stats and Playoff Eligibility.

Adult Single Registration: REGISTRATION Open FOR 2019 


You may also join as an individual player.  If you do not have a full team but still want to play you can join our Single Registration team.  Same details as above, the cost to join is $200.00 per player and includes your own jersey that you get to keep at the end of the season.  Players here are placed on a team in the lowest division.

Summer Camps 2021

We will be offering 4 different camps this season in 3 age groups:  

U6 Group -(4-6 years olds) will focus on the fundamentals of hockey, skill development, and have some fun along the way.  Camp on Waitlist, will only open registration if we get enough interest.  You can register online now.

2 Hours a day/4 days $150.00

The Youngest group (7-9 year olds) will be focusing on the basics of hockey, skill development, and will balance our time between games and drills.  We also hold a small tournament on the final day!

4 hours a day/4 days $200.00

The Middle group (10-13 year olds) will be focusing on skill development, the strategy of the game, and will also play some outdoor sports throughout the week. We also end the week with a small tournament! 

4 hours a day/4 days $200.00

The Oldest group (14-17 year olds) will be focusing on skill development, athleticism, work ethic, and game theory.  We will also be working on team-building, leadership, and giving back. 5 hours a day/4 days - Not Offered 2021

Each Participant will receive a Ball Hockey with Heart T-shirt.  Each participant will need their own hockey gear (caged helmet, hockey gloves, shin pads, jock).  We can provide a hockey stick, although we recommend that you bring your own.  Each camp will only have room for 20 participants.

All Camps will be headlined and coached by our League Director: Austin Takahashi.  Austin has over 10 years of Hockey coaching and teaching experience, in both Ice and Ball Hockey.  He has also been teaching since he was 12 years old in Mixed Martial Arts.

Please contact us with any other questions you may have.

The following dates have been announced for our summer camps:

July 12th - 15th 2021

Hockey Skills Camp: 7-9 Year Olds - 8:30am-12:30pm **Max 22 Kids

Hockey Skills Camp: 10-13 Year Olds - 1:00pm-5:00pm **Max 22 Kids

July 19th - 22nd 2021 - Dates released when first camps are filled.

Hockey Skills Camp: 7-9 Year Olds - 8:30am-12:30pm **Max 22 Kids

Hockey Skills Camp: 10-13 Year Olds - 1:00pm-5:00pm **Max 22 Kids

July 26th-29th 2021

Hockey Fundamentals - U6 - 10am-12:00pm  **Need a minimum of 15 Kids - Max 22