Our 2023 Hockey Season Comes to an End!

by Austin Takahashi

As our 2023 Season has ended we want to send out a big thank you to all of the players who helped make this season a success!  We will be back next year with another full season of ball hockey!  Team registration will begin in October 2023 and we hope that we will be able to accommodate more teams next season.  Make sure you check back in the winter for more updates!

You can watch all the games from the Finals for each division here: White Rock Ball Hockey on Youtube

Congratulations to our divisions winners:

A Division - Monstars HC - Won in 3 games vs Winter Soldiers

B Division - The Rockets - Won in 3 games vs Happy Daddy's

C Division - Diplomats - Won in 2 games vs The Grizzliez

D Division - Magicians - Won in 3 games vs Scoops

E Division - Kraken - Won in 2 games vs Caribou