Player Code of Conduct:





Every participant is expected to treat one another with respect, integrity, and play with discipline.  Below you can find our rules and player insurance policy.


0.0 Waiver Information:


0.1 White Rock Ball Hockey Waiver | Applies to all participants of the League:


 I understand that by participating in any program run by the White Rock Ball Hockey Association and High Bridge Sports and Entertainment Inc, I accept all risk for the activity.  I agree to wear a CSA approved helmet with a chin strap at all times and I understand that a full dress of equipment is recommended for my safety. I, the player, assume all risk of personal injury or damage that may result from my participation.  I hereby waive any claims to which I may become entitled to injury or damages and release the City of White Rock, High Bridge Sports & Entertainment INC., White Rock Ball Hockey Association and its employees of any liability for injury or damage which I may sustain while participating.  I agree to act in a responsible manner, and to reimburse the City of White Rock for the cost of any property damage that I am held responsible for.  I understand that the City of White Rock is not responsible for my personal items.

I understand that I must abide by the association’s rules and regulations.  That there will be absolutely no tolerance for fighting, dirty play, or unsportsmanlike conduct; alcohol and drug use is also not permitted and could result in a ban. 

0.2 White Rock Junior Ball Hockey | WRBHL Youth Programs Waiver Information for Parents: 

I understand that by enrolling my child in Junior Ball Hockey under the White Rock Ball Hockey Association, I accept all risk for my child during this activity. I agree to have my child wear a CSA approved helmet with a chin strap at all times and I understand that a full dress of equipment is recommended for my child's safety. I, the undersigned, assume all risk of personal injury or damage, for my child that may result from his/her participation. I hereby waive any claims to which I may become entitled to injury or damages and release the City of White Rock, High Bridge Sports & Entertainment, White Rock Ball Hockey Association, White Rock Recreation & Cultural Services, and its employees of any liability for injury or damage which my child may sustain while participating. I understand that White Rock Recreation & Cultural Services is not responsible for my child's personal items.


I understand that I and my child must abide by the association’s rules and regulations. Also that there will be absolutely no tolerance for fighting, dirty play, or unsportsmanlike conduct.

1.0 Player Eligibility:


When a player is late for a game because of unforeseen circumstances he will be permitted to participate provided:


1      He has reported to a game Statistician (for the purpose of adding his name to the game sheet).

2.     He is dressed on his team’s bench prior to the beginning of the second period.


Any player or team staff that fails to be registered with the league (sign a league waiver) prior to taking part in a game will be subject to a warning for the first offense and a $20 fine the second offence.  


1.1      Playoff Eligibility - Each player who wishes to play in the playoffs must play at least 6 Regular season games with the team the player wishes to play in the playoffs for.  See Franchise player rules.


1.2      Multiple Team Players - Players are permitted to play on different teams during the course of the regular season and playoffs if they meet the following criteria:  1. A player can only play for two teams.  2. The player must meet minimum amount of games (6) for both teams if they wish to participate in the playoffs.  3. The player must identify he wishes to play for two different teams by the second week of League play (May 4th Deadline).


1.3      Spare Players - Team bringing in spare players are subject to the following rules:  1. Spare players who are not on any other team's roster are allowed to play.  2.  Spare players taken from other teams in the same or a lower division as the team needing spares, are also permitted to play.  3. Teams taking spare players from other teams in a higher division must not number more than 3 (in other words, only 3 players from a higher division are allowed to sub for a team in a lower division.

1.4   Franchise Player Rules:

  • A player playing on a higher division team may qualify for play-offs for a team in a lower division  if they play 10 of the league games with the lower division team. Meaning in a 14 game season, a player wanting to qualify to play play-offs with a team in a lower division would have to play 10 games.

  • If a player plays 10 games and that team ends up being tiered higher based on the franchise player in the lineup; that player is now part of the makeup of the team.

  • Anything lower than the 10 game mark that player will not qualify for play-offs with the lower division team.​


2.0 Uniforms:


2.1     Pants/shorts: Only track/sport pants and shorts are allowed during league play.  No player is permitted to play with Denim or Khaki.


2.2      Jerseys:  All jerseys must have completely visible 8”- 12"” numbers permanently attached to the back (tape is not permitted). Jerseys may be numbered “00” to “99”. All divisions must have matching jerseys.  One jersey per team may not have a number and will be considered player "0" on the stat sheet.  If a different style jersey is used to accommodate spare players, the jersey must be the same colour as the rest of the team.  Both T-shirt style jerseys and full sleeved jerseys are permitted.  No tank top style jerseys will be permitted, however a player may cut off the sleeves of a t-shirt jersey.   If jersey requirements are not met, then the player is not permitted to play.


2.3      Jersey specifics: Logos on the jerseys are not required and may vary from jersey to jersey.  Jerseys may or may not have numbers on the sleeves – this may vary from jersey to jersey.  Nameplate or advertising on the back of the jersey is not required and may vary from jersey to jersey.  Striping thickness may vary from jersey to jersey.  Exception: Goalies may wear a jersey that is not the same base colour as his team without logos and striping – jersey must have a number (tape is not permitted) Goalie cannot wear the same colour jersey as the opposing team.


2.4      Colour conflict games: The home team must change uniforms. The WRBHL has conflict jerseys which can be used by a team needing to change jerseys due to colour conflicts.  Your team may rent the spare jerseys by submitting a drivers license for collateral and a $5.00 payment, the $5.00 is used to wash the jerseys.


2.5      A player may not wear another player’s jersey during the course of the same game (example: player 1 gets injured during the first period and then another player arrives after the injury has taken place or was already playing using another jersey and decides that he should use the injured player’s jersey for whatever reason – this is not permitted. The only exception to this is in the case of a goaltender – where such a case would be permitted.


3.0 Equipment:


3.1      CSA approved helmets and goalie masks will be required.  Moulded goalie masks must have a back plate.  “Cats-eye” masks are permitted providing they are CSA approved.  If no proof is provided and there is doubt that a helmet is not CSA approved, the referee may conduct a simple test to determine its safety.  If the blade of a legal hockey stick cannot penetrate the cage, in particular the eye-holes, to a depth that would cause injury, then cage is considered safe enough for ball hockey game use.


  • Helmets must be worn during warm-up.  One warning then a 2-minute delay of game penalty shall be applied to offending team.

  • The use of protective gloves is mandatory. The use of palmless hockey gloves or broomball gloves are not permitted. After one warning (per player) a minor penalty shall be imposed for any violation of this rule. Lacrosse gloves are permitted.

  • The official ball of the International Street and Ball Hockey Federation, Canadian Ball Hockey Association, and BC Ball Hockey Association is the D-Gel Pro Hard Orange Ball (#330) and is used in WRBHL play.


3.2     League Hockey Balls - The WRBHL provides warm-up balls for the benefit of our players.  Any player caught removing one of these ball from the arena floor will be assessed a fine of $25.00.


4.0 5-Minute Major Penalties:


Any 5 minute major penalty is an ejection from game – this includes goaltenders.


5.0 Defining Rules:


5.1 Handling the ball: Defining the defending zone to be within your own blue line.

Glove hand passes are permitted only within the defending zone. Face off to take place at the point that the glove hand pass was initiated except if the pass takes place in the offensive zone, and then the face off would take place in the neutral zone.


5.2 Contacting the ball above normal height of the shoulder with the stick is considered a high stick and when it occurs, play shall be stopped immediately.  If the stick makes contact with a player or is in the area of a player's facial area, a double minor infraction can be assessed.


6.0 General Rules:


6.1      8 Minutes or Three penalties of any kind will result in an ejection from the game (including the goalie). 


6.2      Delayed offside rules in effect. All players must come out over the blue line before any player may enter the zone again. A shot on net is not an automatic whistle.


6.3      Hybrid flooring (icing) is in effect. Which is a rule in hockey that allows the referee/linesmen to blow the whistle and call the play dead when the puck is shot (iced) down the ice and there is little likelihood of the team who shot the puck down the ice to get to the puck before the defending team touches the puck or it crosses the defending teams goal line. This system doesn't require the player to touch the puck to have the play stopped for icing the puck and is thought to be better for player safety.


6.4      Scheduled game time commencement: Games shall commence at the prescribed time whenever possible. A 5 minute warm-up shall take place prior to start time. If a team is unable to start a game (due to shortage of players) then the following shall take place: (Assuming an 8:00 PM game time) 5 minute grace period until 8:05 PM without penalty; an additional 5 minute period until 8:10 PM with a delay of game penalty. If at 8:10 PM sharp a team is not ready to commence play the game will be considered forfeited. The remainder of the game floor time will be given to the opposition for a practice. The team causing the forfeited game must vacate the floor unless invited to remain by the opposition. Note: Please vacate the floor 5 minutes prior to next game start time. The official time is to be set by the referees.  If the goalie is missing at the beginning of play, the opposing team may play one player in goal who cannot leave his own blue line. 


6.5      Two 25 minute run time periods will be played with a 1 minute break between periods.  The clock will be stop-time in the last 2 minutes of game time, if the game is within a 2 goal differential.


6.6      Any player on the floor can call a time out after normal stoppage of play. Teams are permitted one-30 second time out per period.


6.7     All players who are planning on playing in their game must sign in on the Stat sheet before each game.  The Stat sheet will always be located as you enter into the arena on a table that is clearly visible.  Players who do not sign in on the stat sheet will be given a warning, the next time this happens the team could be penalized for a delay of game penalty.


6.8      If a goalie is ejected, team will be given 10 minutes (time permitting) to dress another goalie.


6.9      Straps must be used on helmets and cannot be taped.  Helmets are available for rent.


6.10    Any player or team official incurring a match penalty shall not be permitted to take part in any further games until his suspension has been dealt with by the league Director this includes any appeal process.


6.11    Substitute goalies, while on the bench, need not wear a goalie mask.


6.12     If a 5-goal differential is reached during play, the score on the score clock will not display any further differential. For example, in a 7-2 game the score will not go up any further unless the losing team closes the gap to a differential lower than 5.  Stats are still recorded for this game and the actual score will be added to team standings/statistics.


6.13      All teams must bring a bench towel to their games. If your team is unable to provide a towel when asked to do so, your team will lose their time-out(s).  This is to clean up water around the bench area and in the goal crease.


6.14      Team Handshake - as a show of good sportsmanship, at the end of each game it is considered good manner to shake hands with the opposing team.

6.15      Defensive Glove pass allowed within red zone allowed only if opponent has zone.

6.16      Line Changes are permitted within the Lacrosse lines, to avoid confusing too many men calls.  The player getting off will be assessed a too many men penalty if the ball hits the changing player and the ball stays in offensive zone, giving the attackers an advantage. 


7.0 Fees and Fines


7.1      All team Registration fees must be paid in full by their first game of the season.  A week grace will be given and then a late fine.  No Refunds will be given, a team is committed once they pay the registration fee or deposit.


7.2      Any team that forfeits a game for any reason is automatically fined $200.00. Opposition team wins 1 – 0. Any team that is forfeiting a game and gives the league 48 hours notice or more prior to scheduled game time, shall have their fine reduced to $125.00.  

7.3     Any team who fails to show up at a game without proper jerseys will automatically be deemed to have forfeited that game. League does have a rental set available ($5.00 charge).  


7.4      A high-sticking major is an automatic game misconduct and game ejection. Could result in an automatic suspension.


7.5      A gross misconduct is a minimum one game suspension.


7.6      Fighting is an automatic season suspension. If the reviewers of the play believe in good faith that the fight is not worth a season suspension, a five game suspension will be given.   An aggressor or instigator of any fight shall receive an additional two game suspension, which can carry over to next season.  If a team brawl breaks out (multiple simultaneous fights), a team can receive a fine of $100.00. 


7.7      A match penalty is a minimum two game suspension.


7.8      All appeals must be submitted in writing within 48 hours of the game in which the player was penalized, or from the time the team was notified of the suspension.  Appeals will be done in person for a suspension of 5 games or more. which will be conducted at the arena during league times.  Acceptance of the appeal will be up to the league director and league staff.  There will be no appeal of a one game suspension, unless it is during the playoffs.


7.9      Teams can be fined for the following accumulative penalties during the season:  Two fights - $100.00; Three Match Penalties - $100.00; 3 Gross Misconducts - $75.00.


7.10    A player or coach who is suspended may not under any circumstances be present on or near his team’s player bench during a game. Failure to comply will result in further suspension.


7.11    A player who joins another team while he is suspended may not play until he has served his suspension in full (with his previous team). Penalty - an additional two game suspension in addition to remaining games of the original suspension. Could result in a ban.


7.12    Suspended players names (along with games served of total suspension) are to be listed on your team’s game sheet [example – John Smith (1 of 3)].


7.13    Any player(s) found damaging the arena will be liable for repairs, charged at $100.00 per hour.  Team change rooms which are left messy will be assessed a fine of $50.00 per hour for cleaning.


7.14    No drinking alcohol or using drugs in dressing rooms or parking lots. 

7.15   Vulnerable Position - Putting a player into a vulnerable position can result in a game or gross misconduct and could result in an automatic suspension..  A Vulnerable Position can be defined as boarding, placing a player in a headlock, checking from behind, head contact, etc.


7.16   All suspensions take the referee's opinion into consideration and the above rules are meant to be used as a guideline.


7.17   All fines are applied to teams and they are responsible for paying the fine.

7.18    Multiple game misconducts throughout the season could result in longer suspensions and review from the league.

7.19     Racial Slurs & Threats -  Any racial, homophobic, or derogatory slurs; as well as verbal threats are not at all tolerated by the association.  If a referee or league admin hears any racial, homophobic, derogatory slurs, or verbal threats during league events players will be subject to the following: first offense will result in a 1 game suspension to the player, second offense will result in a three game suspension, third offense will result in a season ban from the league. Depending on what is said, the league withholds the power to ban the player in question from league play, even on the first offense.

7.20     Social Media Rule - Any Social Media misconduct such as trolling , bullying, threats, racial comments or statements found not appropriate by White Rock Ball Hockey and facility management related to the league or any other teams/players in the league  can result in league suspensions. 

7.21     Team Fans - Any team fans who are attending a game cannot be drinking, smoking, or harassing the opposing team or referees inside or outside the arena.  City and League staff can ask anyone to leave at anytime.


8.0 Rosters:


8.1     Each team is permitted a maximum of 21 players on their roster for the regular season and the playoffs.


8.2     The Director reserves the right to refuse any team(s) entry into the league or to suspend any team(s)/player(s) from the league for violation of league rules. No refunds will be given in either case.


8.3     If a team is caught using an illegal player during the playoffs that player will be asked to leave the game immediately.  If said player has impacted the game in any way his contributions will be removed from the score.  Upon a second violation of this offense by a team in the same season, said team shall be fined $50.00.  It should be noted that team management is responsible for ensuring that the players are aware of the rules regarding eligibility. The league may opt to remove this fine if the following three criteria are met: The outcome of the game does not have to change to a 1-0 win for the opposing team (ie. the team in violation accepts the loss of the players contributions); It is believed that this infraction was not done intentionally but rather that it was a purely administrative error on the part of the team reps; and it is the first time that this offence has been committed by the team and/or team reps involved. ​


9.0 Tie Breaking Procedures:


9.1 Breaking ties in regular season games:


If a tie is the case at the end of regulation time, a 5 minute 3-on-3 Overtime period will commence. The first team to score wins the game. If no team scores in the period, the game will result in a tie and both team will each receive a point in the standings.

9.2 Breaking ties in Playoff games:


In the first round of playoffs, ties are broken via rule 9.1, and then a shootout will commence.  Playoff games in the second round are decided by a full 25 minute overtime period and followed by a shootout if necessary.


9.3 Breaking ties in regular season standings:

  • Wins

  • Most Points

  • Fewest games played

  • +/- Differential

  • Fewest goals against

  • Fewest Penalty Minutes

10.0 Playoffs:

10.1     Teams are not guaranteed playoffs. Each team must qualify by being one of the top 4 teams in the standings of their division, at the end of the regular season.   If a team fails to meet this criteria, they are eliminated from the playoffs automatically.

10.2     Playoff Match ups are determined through seeding - the 1st place team in the division will play the 4th place team; the 2nd place team will play the 3rd.

10.3    Playoff Series are all best-of-three series, a team must win 2/3 games to advance to the next round and to win a championship.

WRBHL Personal Accident, Heart Attack, and Stroke Insurance Policy for Adult Participants
2019 Season Policy

The White Rock Ball Hockey League, run by High Bridge Sports and Entertainment Inc. are proud to offer their players basic insurance coverage when they are participating in league events.  Our policy will cover certain dental damages and medical bills; we do not provide any coverage for: missing work due to an injury, certain dental claims, and certain medical claims.

Claims are handled on a case to case basis and generally only apply to accidents.  Players who are involved and injured while engaged in a fight, pushing match, or any situation considered outside of basic game-play may not be covered.


Available only if the game-sheet/waiver has been signed and submitted to league staff before the game in question begins.

WRBHL Admins will note all injuries incurred during the game, for a claim to be filed a participant must have a written report form filled out by a League Admin and have a Referee sign off that the injury was incurred during league warm up.